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Experienced private angel investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur based in Sweden. Invested in 18+ tech start-ups mainly focusing on Privacy by design principles, GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation - and compliance. Extensive experience from the Travel Industry. Involved in several Token Sales in Fintech, AI, Augmented- and Mixed Reality. Attending global Crypto events growing his extensive network. Focus primarily on the marketing aspects as well as raising funds. Advisor to European Smart Contracts and Blockchain Innovation Centre in the Nordics. Bring general business sense, investor contacts, close contacts with several ICO investor groups, extensive ICO marketing contacts, general network in the US, Europe and more, love creating synergies and partnerships. Co Founder of CEOKLUB, webpage mid August. CEOKLUB is an exclusive club of like-minded CEOs and Founders. The purpose of the club is to benefit mutually by collaborating on all aspects of Cryptocurrency business. It includes, working as a group in listing on the Cryptocurrency Exchanges, token swaps to increase the liquidity, sales & marketing collaboration, and purchasing as a group to earn deeper discounts to name a few. 12th Of July: 40+ CEOs are members, 10+ TokenSwaps VIP Advisor to Advisor to 15+ blockchain related companies.

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